What can a website do for your business?

Having a website and email is rapidly becoming an expected part of running a business, and is a very competitive way to advertise and provide large amounts of information to a wide audience.

A website instantly gives your business access to both a local and global market, an otherwise almost impossible, if not extremely expensive, operation. Take for instance a small Bed and Breakfast - wouldn't it be great having your overseas guests discover your business BEFORE they even leave home, giving you secure credit card bookings in advance and allowing them the chance to organise their trip and find you when they otherwise might not.

Websites can also act as an 'Online Brochure', which can be particularly helpful if you are a business receiving many phone calls requesting further information on your products or services. By including your website address in ALL of your advertising (eg. newspaper, business cards, brochures etc), people can access your information at anytime, then contacting you when they have made a decision and ultimately cutting your costs in printing, mailing, and time dealing with phone calls.

The inclusion of valuable internet features such as shopping carts, downloadable files and booking forms means your website really can become an interactive and profitable part of your business. With well over half of New Zealanders now having home access to the Internet, not to mention most businesses having internet access, this advertising medium is able to play an important and vital part of your business marketing strategy, particularly as the trend towards lifestyle and working from home becomes more popular, and increasing worldwide internet usage continues.

We will discuss the whole online process with you in an easy to understand manner, and then guide you step-by-step through the development of your website. We can also offer free advice on ways to promote your website and how to get the most out of your new advertising venture.


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